Zylan Captive
(Zylar's Moons)

Five Star Reviews
"Wow! This book is an emotional roller coaster..."
"Hot read with great characters..."

"Love aliens. Great plot and characters..."

Nyssa woke up one morning in a stranger’s bed,
gold chains attached to certain…um-delicate parts of her body,
on a planet ruled by a man now claiming to be her life-mate.

 Tar plans for her to be his quiet, un-assuming companion.

 Not! This earth-girl can never be called "easy."

On the planet Zylar there are two suns...and three moons.
A Zylan male doesn't choose a mate, his body does.
Women are traditionally submissive
however, all Hell breaks loose—when the ruler of Zylar, Tar...
finds his mate on Earth.

Zylan Captive shows us how one Earth girl
can make a difference in this male-dominated society—
once she figures out how to cope without her cigarettes and caffeine!

This book contains mature situations and adult language.
It is intended for readers 21+!

The next in this series, Selven Refuge, coming soon!


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