Written In The Ruby
Creatures of Myth - Book 2

Creatures of Myth books stand alone.
They don't need to be read in order...
But that is more fun! 

(This) book makes me wish
I could put myself in the heroineís place.
Itís engaging and sensual
with a fast-paced plot and
a hero who is to-die-for.
~Joyfully Reviewed

The biggest threat to Zane Patrick's sanity,
just bought the house next door!

This two-hundred and fifty-year-old vampire, 
just wants to be left alone to raise his horses,
and live as normally as possible.

Refusing the head of the Absolute Sentinel Councilís request
to become the Vampire Sentinel for the Pacific Northwest,
Zane doesnít want to get involved in all the politics
of his species or the Others. 
But, his peaceful, sane existence,
is shattered by his new neighbor!

Nicole Martin is a romance author.
She likes her privacy and her new little house in the Cascade Mountains.
Realizing that her sexy next-door neighbor, Zane,
is a complication she doesnít need in her life,
she struggles to keep her distance. 
Yet, she canít help using him as inspiration in her books.

An ancient, mystifying ruby once owned by Catherine the Great,
binds the two together in ways neither wanted, or imagined.
When Nicole's life is threatened, Zane struggles to protect her.
Zane must keep Nicky safe,
or neither will live through the next few days...

Do you need a little spice in your life?
How about some laugh-out-loud fun?
Maybe just a little spine-tingling terror?

Read Written In The Ruby and fall in love with something
just a little Wilde!

This book contains mature situations and adult language.
It is intended for readers 21+!


©Ravyn Wilde, except where otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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