Undying Magic
(Creatures of Myth)

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Ms. Wilde has created a whole new world where Druids,
mermaids, vampires and many other imaginary creatures
are alive and cohabit together. 
I love this world and plan to read the stories
of the other characters in Undying Magic.
~Ecataromance Reviews

Undying Magic is available as a FREE Book
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Hot Paranormal Romance Novella

Are you ready to start a new series? One with vampires, were-creatures of all types,

Druid Mages, kick-ass heroines, and heroes—well...to die for?

If so, then come meet the Creatures of Myth!

Undying Magic offers a little taste...

Meet Jane, a vampire slayer who is grieving for her friend.

And Ricardo, who is so much more than he seems!

You'll discover why Jane and Ricardo are searching for

mermaid scales, zombie toenails, and Druid lust-sweat...

The Creatures of Myth series also includes Shamans,

Guardians of True Humanity (GOTH), lots of dragons, a few gargoyles, and more.

Creatures of Myth stories are set in the past, in present times,

and some in A.D. 2203 - after the paranormal world came out of the closet!

Many of the characters cross into other books, allowing you to keep up with old friends.

Do you need a little Magic in your life?

How about some laugh-out-loud fun?

Maybe just a little spine-tingling terror?

Come play with the Creatures of Myth,
and fall in love with something that is just a little Wilde! 

This is a complete story with NO CLIFFHANGER and a Happily-Ever-After.

WARNING! This book contains scorching hot,
steamy scenes, and mature situations.
It is not intended for readers under the age of 21!

Undying Magic Reviews:

Ravyn Wilde’s talent is extraordinary in this tale of conflict, passion and love.
This book is a page turner. Undying Magic was a truly enjoyable and exciting read,
with laughter and mind blowing-sex. 4 angels.
Pick this one up, readers, you won’t be disappointed.
- Fallen Angel Reviews

If I wasn’t a fan of Ravyn Wilde before, this book (Undying Magic)
would forever endear her to me -
how can you not appreciate an author that provides you
with alcoholic beverage recipes?
Talk about an added bonus to a great book!
- Euro Reviews

What a terrific twist on vampire tales this is!
Ms. Wilde pens a paranormal tale
that is sure to set many a reader's pulse to throbbing.
If you enjoy tales of vampires and magic,
then this is the book for you!
- Coffee Time Reviews


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