Supernatural Speed Dating
Creatures of Myth - Book 4

Creatures of Myth books stand alone.
They don't need to be read in order...
But that is more fun! 

~4.78 stars on Goodreads~
Ever have of those books you can't put down,
well read this book and you will not want to put it down.
Excellent book! When I got the preview of it in the end of Magic and Myth,
I could not wait to read it. I just finished the book and you have
action, steamy romance and humor. ~ CLH (Reader Review)

Natasha Romanov's mother and witchy best friend
forced her to
attend the Supernatural Speed Dating event.
It doesn't matter that she
is over a hundred-years-old,
and should be allowed to make up her own mind.
Not to mention that she is the leader of GOTH,
the Guardians of True Humanity,
and doesn't have time for this...crap.

Dominic made a deal with the devil,
or more accurately with one of the devil's grandsons.
Now he is stuck in the hell of speed dating.
His attitude changed the minute Natasha raised her head,
and met his gaze with laughing blue eyes.

Neither Tasha, nor Dom, are looking for a relationship.
While they are attracted to each other, events like a kidnapping,
Supernatural Council opposition, and the horror
of missing and dead paranormal children--
could prevent them from exploring the depths of that attraction.

How do you save the world, and explore the
well, passionate beginnings of a new romance, at the same time?

Natasha is sure it can't be done.
Dominic has a plan.

But there is a saying about the best plans
leading straight to Hell...

This book contains mature situations and adult language.
It is intended for readers 21+!


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