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Zylar's Moons and Out of THIS World Series

Zylar's Moons Series

  Zylan Captive       Selven Refuge    Zylan Rebellion
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About Zylar's Moons

On the planet Zylar there are two suns...and three moons.
A Zylan male doesn't choose a mate, his body does.
Women are traditionally submissive; however all Hell breaks loose—
when Tar, the ruler of Zylar...finds his mate on Earth.

The critics are saying...humorous enough to make me laugh out loud...
engaging and sex that burns the fingertips
and deep emotion woven together.

Come explore the highly sensual and wild world of Zylar’s Moons!

Zylan Captive
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Read Zylan Captive, to see how one Earth girl can make a difference
in this male-dominated society—once she figures out how to cope
without her cigarettes and caffeine!

Selven Refuge
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In Zylan Captive the Earthling Nyssa started a revolution 
on this male chauvinist planet.
Women now realize they have the power to control…
certain aspects…of their lives.
Tala wants nothing to do with men, she is opting out of the mating pool.
Mica can’t let her do that... 


Zylan Rebellion
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A madman is kidnapping women and selling them into sexual slavery.
And Ahnika is in the wrong place at the wrong time. 
Raj is Vampen, fated to feed his psychic powers from women.
When Ahnika escapes and Raj is hired to bring her back,
will he see past the lies of the man who contracted him to find her?
Especially when he discovers that Ahnika is his life-mate?

Alien At Her Door is loosely tied to Zylar's Moons series!

Available Now!

Alien At Her Door is a Wilde Trio.
It contains three, alien abduction stories!

Have you ever fantasized about being abducted by a sexy alien?
Or having one walk right up and knock at your door…
ready and willing to convince you that he is your destiny?
Well…Alien at Her Door is just the book for you!
You’ll find three, Out of This World stories,
that will give new meaning to the words “lost in space.”

50 pages - Nancy and M'ike's story
 Also available as standalone FREEBOOK.

What happens when you combine passionflower wine,
a gorgeous foreign man who’s understanding of the English language
seems to short-circuit occasionally—
with a nightclub specializing in private booths?

You wake up the next morning with a screaming headache.
A suspicion the mattress beneath you just might be flesh and blood,
instead of memory foam. And a view out the window
that seems to be the planet Earth,
as seen from space.

All Nancy wanted to do was put some social interaction
back into her very secluded life…

She ended up with something out of this world.

Keeper of Tomorrows
50 pages – Raine and Talon’s story

Only available in this trio!

Raine opened her door late one night to a tall, dark haired man. 
A man from another dimension, who swears he’s waited centuries just for her.
Will a passionate night of show and tell…
convince Raine that Talon is her destiny?

Talon needs his Keeper to accept him as the man he truly is.
Their worlds,
all worlds, need a matched Guardian pair,
in order to save mankind from untold evil.
This may be his last chance to persuade her of what a life together could entail.
He offers her adventure, love, and his body for eternity.
Will it be enough?

Guardian Alien
200 + pages—Tawny and Hawken’s story
Only available in this trio!

The story Guardian Alien brings all three couples together,
to fight against Jumpers on

Hawken is a Guardian in search of his Keeper.
Tawny is a small town earth girl, looking for
The kind that can't be found in Kansas.
Hawk wants to take it nice and slow, and give Tawny time to except him.
But she wants a bad boy, sweep her off her feet,
and carry her out of this world.

Will Hawken ever make a move?
And if he does, will Tawny come to regret it?
Be careful what you wish for... 


©Ravyn Wilde, except where otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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