Magic & Myth
Creatures of Myth - Book 3

Creatures of Myth books stand alone.
They don't need to be read in order...
But that is more fun! 

Wilde Trio Collection
Contains Undying Magic, Uncontrolled Magic, and Unholy Magic!

Ms. Wilde has created a whole new world where Druids,
mermaids, vampires and many other imaginary creatures
are alive and cohabit together. Not only that, but her mind
also has produced intelligent characters that felt real
emotions like grief or pleasure that I could relate to
without any effort. I love this world and I plan to read
the stories of the other characters in Creatures of Myth.
~ Ecataromance

This Creatures of Myth Wilde Trio collection
contains Undying Magic, Uncontrolled Magic,
and Unholy Magic.

(Uncontrolled Magic and Unholy Magic are only available in this collection!)

There are three strong women -
who are SO much more than they seem.
And three men - who severely underestimate
the women & magic in their lives.
Three incredible stories - one amazing journey!

Each story stands on its own,
but they are so much more when read together!

The De'Angel family are Druid Mages.
Ricardo (Undying Magic) is the oldest brother,
Marissa (Uncontrolled Magic) is the little sister,
and Franco (Uncontrolled Magic) is the middle brother.

Undying Magic:

In a race against time
Jane and Ricardo search for mermaid scales,
zombie toenails, Druid lust-sweat...

You know--the usual potion ingredients...
...needed to resurrect a Vampire!

Uncontrolled Magic:

What happens when a were-dragon propositions...
...a very hungry vampire?

He ends up naked and chained to a wall...
among other things!

Unholy Magic:

Franco has loved Tehya since the moment they met.
Human...she would never survive in his world.
Or would she...


Do you need a little Magic in your life?

How about some laugh-out-loud fun?

Maybe just a little spine-tingling terror?


Come play with the Creatures of Myth,
and fall in love with something just a little Wilde!

These books contain mature situations and adult language.
They are intended for readers 21+!


©Ravyn Wilde, except where otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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