Hidden Enemies

Mystery, Thriller, Psychic, Small Town, Steamy, Romance

Hidden Enemies is also available
in Romance Duo - Saved by The Book

When Jenna, a successful financial analyst,
walked into a bar after the worst day of her life, she met Cole.
Ex-military, he is now an authority on terrorism.
The attraction between the two was overwhelming
and powerful, and the sex steamy.
But Jenna’s ex-husband is trying to kill her.
All Cole would ever be, is a happy memory,
one she can take out and enjoy while she is on the run. 

Cole is teaching a counter-terrorist seminar for Texas military
and law enforcement personnel. He ran into Jen at the hotel bar
and thought the hot, curly-haired blonde
would be the perfect diversion for a night or two.
When she disappears before their last date,
he discovers Jen stole something from his room,
that could put thousands of lives in danger.
But Cole has a secret, one that guarantees he’ll see Jen again.


Publisher’s Note: Hidden Enemies was first published in 2005.
This edition has been edited and significantly expanded.

This is a complete novella with NO CLIFFHANGER and an HEA. 

This book contains mature situations and adult language.
It is intended for readers 21+!

Hidden Enemies Reviews

Rating: 5 Stars - Talk about an intense, sensational read,
Hidden Enemies proves to be a fast-paced, mind-blowing story.

4.5 Blue Ribbon - Ravyn Wilde's HIDDEN ENEMIES is a fascinating story
you won't be able to put down. Dastardly bad guy, amazingly sexy hero,
and a battered woman with the guts to escape a brutal situation
all combine to make a thrilling story that'll have you cheering Jenna's bravado.
~ Romance Junkies Review

4 Cups  -
Jenna and Cole are terrific characters with well-rounded personalities.
The love scenes are hotter than a box of firecrackers and left me fanning myself.
The secondary characters add a lot of flavor to the story. I loved Jenna's geriatric bodyguards.
Their care and concern for her is heartwarming. Her ex-husband, Rick, is a slimy jerk who is easy to dislike.
The setting of the small town of Secret Haven is picturesque and befitting to the storyline.
The plotline is fascinating with a couple of unique elements that kept my eyes riveted to the pages. 
Ms. Wilde is a talented author with a knack for creating sexy heroes who really trip my trigger.
I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys tales of love and the paranormal.
~ Coffee Time Romance


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