Have you ever fantasized about being abducted by a sexy alien?
Wondered what incredibly hot sex will be like in the future?
Or would you enjoy playing Little Red Riding Hood?
Maybe you'd like to meet a dragon or two, or find an elven lover?
Do Mythological creatures make you shiver and shake?

Look below and explore some very
HOT fantasies!

 Out of THIS World
By: Ravyn Wilde
Heat: Erotic Romance
Genre: Alien Abduction

What happens when you combine passionflower wine,
a gorgeous foreign man who’s understanding of the English language
seems to short-circuit occasionally—
with a nightclub specializing in private booths?

You wake up the next morning with a screaming headache.
A suspicion the mattress beneath you,
just might be flesh and blood-- instead of memory foam.
And a view out the window that seems to be the planet Earth,
as seen from space.

All Nancy wanted to do was put some social interaction
back into her very secluded life…

She ended up with something out of this world.


By: Samantha Macleod
Heat: Erotica
Genre: Fantasy

Mythology expert Caroline Capello agreed to marry Loki,
the Norse god of fire and lies.
She didn’t realize the most dangerous part
of their marriage might be the honeymoon.

The Horse Mistress
Book 1

By: R.A. Steffan
Heat: Erotic
Genre: LGBT Fantasy ménage romance

After years of living as a boy,
Carivel falls for two unattainable men—
even as her world teeters on the brink of war.
Does she dare reveal her secret?

(This book contains explicit LGBT content.)

Fire Princess
Celestial Mates

By: C.J. Scarlett
Heat: Hot
Genre: SciFi Romance

Selene Jordan is shocked to find herself whisked
away from Earth by unscrupulous aliens,
bent on selling her to the highest bidder.

Shuffled from one dreary, nondescript freighter to another,
she realizes they’re taking her to a distant mining colony.

The only thing that breaks the boredom
of her long monotonous journey is the face that appears
on the holo-vid several times a day
to check on her...

Red As Blood
Tales of Blood and Darkness

By: Simone Leigh
Heat: Erotic
Genre: Fantasy/Fairy Tale

Belle is eighteen and should be a woman.
Terrified that she may be barren and have no future,
she confides in her Grandmother.

But as the moon waxes full, she learns that her family has a secret.....

Darkly erotic re-telling of an old fairy tale.

Wedded To The Warriors

By: Sara Fields
Heat: Erotica
Genre: Science Fiction

As an unauthorized third child, nineteen-year-old Aimee Harrington
has spent her life avoiding discovery by government authorities,
but her world comes crashing down around her after she is caught
stealing a vehicle in an act of petulant rebellion.
Within hours of her arrest, she is escorted onto a ship
bound for a detention center in the far reaches of the solar system.

 This facility is no ordinary prison, however.
It is a training center for future brides, and once Aimee
has been properly prepared, she will be intimately,
shamefully examined and then sold to an alien male in need of a mate.

Worse still, Aimee's defiant attitude quickly earns her
the wrath of the strict warden, and to make an example of her,
Aimee is offered as a wife not to a sophisticated gentleman
but to three huge, fiercely dominant warriors of the planet Ollorin.

Winter's Edge
Far Hope

By: E.A. James
Heat: Hot
Genre: Science Fiction

Winter's Edge is the Prequel to the Far Hope Series
launching on Amazon in March 2017.

Captain Kira Winter is a kick ass heroine that you don't want to miss!

Anew 1

By: Josie Litton
Heat: Erotic

Genre: Science Fiction/Futuristic

NY Times Bestselling Author Josie Litton’s 5-star erotic sci-fi romance is:

"spectacular, sensual, explosive and revealing"--Goodreads

 “The Hunger Games meets Fifty Shades of Grey!”--Goodreads

Fifty years in the future, a beautiful young woman
awakens in the garden of a secluded estate with no knowledge
of how she came to be there.
For the man who walks out of the darkness to claim her,
she is the ultimate challenge and the greatest temptation.
At once intensely erotic and a terrifying vision of the world to come,
not for the faint of heart!

The Alien Warrior's Battle

By: Abella Ward
Heat: Hot
Genre: Alien Abduction

A curvy scientist imprisoned on a spacecraft -

PLUS a huge, barbaric and superhot alien in the cell next to her -

PLUS a lethal mission to complete.

Get ready for a story full of steam and hot action!

Dragon Queen

By: Evelyn Marks
Heat: Hot
Genre: Science Fiction Romance

When Julia, a small-town waitress with dreams of adventure,
meets Wynn, a smoking-hot dragon shifter,
he tells her she's a long-lost queen of a planet Avandia
and is needed by its people, who are under threat of domination
by the dangerous Orlians.

With Wynn by her side, will she be able to handle
royal life on a strange planet, and the threat of the Orlians,
who seem desperate to stop her coronation, even if it means murder?

Traces Of Poppy

By: Decadent Kane
Heat: Hot
Genre: Fantasy Romance

Fate may take her life, but he will steal her soul.

Madness stalks Poppy’s dreams, drowning her in
darkness, pain, and the fires of hell. 
She seeks help from a sage witch,
only to discover a crueler fate:
she is bound to die.

The worst part? She just found him...

The elf who is destined for her.
The male who will go mad without her.
The mate she can’t have.

Seeing Both Sides
Soul Cage

By: Olivia Morgan-Gaines and Simone Leigh
Heat: Erotica
Genre: Sci-Fi

Nearly seven million users and not a single reported problem!

 All thoughts are for myself and my chosen mate Zara -
we maybe last in the alphabet but we are the first of our kind.

 I awoke with hope and excitement for our three days together.
I’d have a chance to finally win her heart?

The soul swap program said you couldn’t put a price
on the out-of-body experience. They’d been right, the experience,
priceless, yet was it to be a cost worth paying?

Claiming Tara
Steamy Ménage Romance

By: Rachel Star
Heat: Erotic
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

How can I get involved with two brothers that can't decide
between ripping each others heads of or ripping my clothes off?!

Tracy is a practical girl with her life figured out.
She is only months away from marrying her fiancé –
but life introduces her to all new possibilities
she’s never imagined….or fantasized.

She awakens from coma unable to remember the past six months of her life –
including her decision to call off her wedding in pursuit of a life
with TWO new love interests. As if that wasn’t enough,
they turn out to be brothers -- with a WILD side....

The Chosen Mate
Alien Tentacle Chronicles

By: River Styles
Heat: Erotica
Genre: Alien Abduction

Her wrists restrained, a velvety appendage
traveling up her smooth legs, the heat ready to explode from her body,
the haze and unfamiliar surrounds.

When Charmaine awoke she assumed it had all been a dream.

But then it happened again and she saw him,
the alien who had chosen her as his mate.

Taken for the Alien Prince

By: Ruth Anne Scott
Heat: Erotic
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Layla awakens tied up on an unheard planet.
She is to become the nurturer to a beautiful alien prince.
Will this be worth all she’s left on earth
or will she have a chance to escape?

Zylan Captive
Zylar's Moons

By: Ravyn Wilde
Heat: Erotic Romance
Genre: Alien Abduction

Nyssa woke up one morning in a stranger’s bed,
gold chains attached to certain…um-delicate parts of her body,
on a planet ruled by a man now claiming to be her life-mate.


Tar plans for her to be his quiet, un-assuming companion.


Not! This earth-girl can never be called "easy."

On the planet Zylar there are two suns...and three moons.
A Zylan male doesn't choose a mate, his body does.
Women are traditionally submissive;
however, all Hell breaks loose—when the ruler of Zylar, Tar...
finds his mate on Earth.

Zylan Captive shows us how one Earth girl
can make a difference in this male-dominated society—
once she figures out how to cope without her cigarettes and caffeine!

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