Creatures Of Myth Series

These books contain mature situations and adult language.
They are intended for readers 18+!

Each book in this series is compete. 
You don't have to read them in any particular order, does make it more fun!

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Books (In Timeline Order)

Present Day

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(Also 1 of 3 stories in Magic & Myth)

In the year: 2116

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In the year: A.D. 2203
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The next books to be published in this series include 
Vlad & Veronica, and Unduplicated Magic!

Some Creatures of Myth are heroes…


Like Vlad Tepes….

Born in 1431, Vlad Tepes is almost six-hundred years old.
History painted the man as a brutal, almost insane Romanian prince.
History probably had it right. A great man to have in a fight,

Vlad can make your eyes bleed with a thought.

Since meeting Veronica, Vlad likes to sunbathe nude.

How the mighty have fallen!

Just a few of the books with Vlad!

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Marie Antoinette is another hero…

She lost her head AFTER becoming a vampire.

But, someone put the pieces together.

Now, she spends her time defending both the Others, and humans.

And is quick to point out, she never said “Let Them Eat Cake!”


Some Creatures of Myth, are really monsters…

 Like the Empousai…a cannibalistic female monster.

She is often confused with the Lamia, another form of demon.

The Emp is extremely hard to kill, our heroes try shooting her with lead,

silver, gold, and hollow-point bullets filled with holy water.

Beheading doesn’t work, neither does a flamethrower.

But, she can be temporarily vanquished with insulting words…

especially about her feet!


Meet both Marie, and the empousai,
and find out who wins this battle, in:

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In Creatures of Myth, you will also find possessions

that are passed down through the ages…

 Like Catherine the Great’s Ruby. It was presented to her

in 1777 by the king of Sweden. The flawless, uncut pigeon’s-blood

ruby disappeared a few years later.

The Ancients protect it.
Because one of its powers,
is to create zealous idolatry among humans,

using a sort of mass hypnosis that removes freewill. 
Humans would
follow the holder of the ruby,
no matter how insane the plot.

Discover what additional powers the ruby has, in:

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The Creatures of Myth, are OTHER!

 They struggle for freedom, for acceptance, for the right to live.

In some of the books, they hide what they are from Humans.

But in the future, (A.D. 2203)
Others are classified as a sub-species of man.

To win that classification, the humanoid creatures of myth must:

*have the capacity of speech

*have the ability to reason

*be verified that they can be good or inherently evil,
just like their traditional human counterparts

Once these guidelines are proven - the humanoid Other
is given the rights and protections as a sub-species of man.

Those rights were won during the early wars.

This means that humans have been forced
to stop killing the Creatures of Myth, for sport
and are no longer allowed to keep them in cages.

 The Others have the right to be your neighbor,
and your mate. Vampires and most were-creatures are
so are faeries and sprites. Some
Others are warm-blooded, some cold.
Some have yet to be discovered or declare their existence.

 Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop groups
like the ‘One Racers,’ humans who feel that

any sub-species of man should be staked or kept in a zoo.

These groups target the Others, intent on keeping

them from procreating and tainting pure human blood.

Never mind that over the centuries it is difficult
to find a family tree that hasn’t intermingled

their blood in one form or another…
with either Were or Vampire, or some form of

Set in A.D. 2203:

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 Are you ready to start a new series?
One with vampires, were-creatures of all types,
Druid Mages, kick-ass heroines, and die for?

If so, then come meet the Creatures of Myth
and also enjoy:


*Guardians of True Humanity (GOTH)

*Dragons - lots of dragons...


*And More!

One of the best things about Creatures of Myth,

is that many of the characters cross into other books,
allowing you to keep up with old friends.

 Do you need a little Magic in your life?
How about some laugh-out-loud fun?
Maybe just a little spine-tingling terror?

Come play with the Creatures of Myth,

and fall in love with something that is just a little Wilde!

Feeling the Love!
(These are) books that makes me wish I could put myself in the heroine’s place.
Engaging and sensual with a fast-paced plots and heroes who are to-die-for.
What more can you ask for? Erotic love scenes and action
that will have you on the edge of your seat? Check.
Ravyn Wilde dishes both out in spades, to my everlasting delight.

~Joyfully Reviewed

Ravyn Wilde definitely delivers. 
Vampires, hunters, fantasies and conspiracies all come together
to make these some of the best stories I've read in the last few months. 
The books are well written and extremely entertaining; 
I can't wait to see these characters again.
~ Manic Readers

Some Creatures of Myth, are Vampire Sentinels

About Vampire Sentinels

Vampire Sentinels are leaders of the Vampyr Council
and each Sentinel is given a specific territory to rule.
The Vampires and Others in these books
still hide their existence from most humans,
as the “early-wars” referred to in A.D. 2203, 
has yet to happen.


Many of the Vampire Sentinels
can be found visiting the characters in other books.
For instance, Vlad seems to popup everywhere...
for an antisocial creature,

he really gets around, even before his story has been written!


The Vampire Sentinels are tasked with keeping humans safe
from all the things that go bump in the night.
They have
ISSUES, not the least of which is
finding that one perfect mate.

Then convincing them that vampires truly do exist,
and that the sensual benefits are worth not only the danger…
but centuries of extra baggage!

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Set in 2005, as far as the timeline goes,
this books starts everything off!
But, remember, they are all compete books,
and you don't have to read them in any particular order!

Following the time line, this would be book number 2!
It is set in 2008.

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Set in the future, in 2203!


About Magic

These books are set in present time,
just a decade or so after Written in the Ruby (Vampire Sentinel).

The Paranormal community still hides,
but humans have started to figure things out.
These books focus on Druid Mages, and other magical beings. 
However, supernatural creatures comingle all the time.
So, the books also have a vampire or two, a dragon, and a werewolf...

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Undying Magic is also in Magic & Myth,
as the first of three stories!

Following the time-line this book, would be number 3!

Meet Jane, a vampire slayer who is grieving for her friend.
And Ricardo, who is so much more than he seems!

Come discover why they are searching for

mermaid scales, zombie toenails, and Druid lust-sweat...

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Contains (Undying Magic, Uncontrolled Magic, and Unholy Magic)
books 3, 4, and 5 
if you are following the timeline!
They are set just a few years into the future!


About G.O.T.H.

GOTH is here! Supernatural Speed Dating is available! 
How about a PREVIEW

(Just click on the word preview, to read the first three chapters!)

Supernatural Speed Dating

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New Release!

Book 6, via the time line.
This is set in in the year 2116, about halfway between now and A.D. 2203!


About A.D.2203

In 2203 it has been more than a century
since the
Others had to hide.

The following two books, are about 
human sisters, Eve and Jezebel.
Luke and Jezebel's story wraps around Adam & Eve.
But these books can be read in any order.
Adam & Eve is a short read,
Luke & Jezebel is a full book!

These are books 7 & 8.

Available Now!

Vlad is coming...He FINALLY gets his
own story!

Coming 2nd Quarter 2017
Vlad & Veronica
Creatures of Myth
New Release
This is book 9 in the time line!

About Vlad!
Skilled in the gruesome details of war,
he was definitely a man you wanted at your side if fighting broke out.
Luke knew Vlad could be your very best friend or your worst enemy—
even though he had mellowed a little since meeting Veronica.

Currently Vlad wore his black hair just touching his shoulders.
Several inches shorter than Luke’s six-foot frame,
the man was stocky. Muscular.
His deep brown eyes could see right through you,  
or he could make your eyes bleed, with just a thought.

In the years since he met Ronnie, Vlad had taken to sunbathing.
His olive skin was even darker than it was when Luke first met him.
No matter how hard he tried, Luke couldn’t quite get his mind
around Dracula sitting in a lounge chair, soaking up the sun.

Dragon's are Coming!

The Gargoyles aren't far behind!

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