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By The Book, is also available
in Romance Duo - Saved by The Book

When Joey, an erotic romance author on a working vacation,
walks into a coffee shop in Hawaii, she meets architect
and short-term neighbor, Gray Hawk.
Gray is gorgeous and sexy, but she’s not in Hawaii for a new man,
even a temporary one. She’s there to write,
and work through a mountain of self-esteem issues
bestowed by her cheating ex-husband.


Gray lives in Hawaii, and has a strict policy
against vacation flings. A midnight glimpse of Joey,
glistening and wet in the rental home's outdoor shower,
forces him to reconsider. But Joey isn’t interested.


Gray corners Joey the next morning,
and proposes a unique and astonishingly sensual bargain.
Will Joey agree to Gray’s shocking proposition?

This is a complete novella with

This book contains mature situations and adult language.
It is intended for readers 21+!

By The Book - Reviews

"Ms. Wilde's By The Book is an intriguing plot.
Where does an erotic romance author go for inspiration
and what tools do they use to get that inspiration back?
(The book) kept my toes curled and my heart in my throat...
You will want to go By the Book with your partner after reading this hot sensual tale!"

"Ms. Wilde writes with a flare that keeps you turning the page.
The story was delightfully suspenseful with great dialogue.
A book that I found absolutely hard to put down.
The writing truly superb in every sense of the word."
~Coffee Time Romance

By The Book is an extremely sensual book...
Ravyn Wilde has written a love story with a heat index of 10!

~ Euro-Review


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