Adam & Eve A.D. 2203
Creatures of Myth - Book 6

Creatures of Myth books stand alone.
They don't need to be read in order...
But that is more fun! 

"Vivid descriptions, intriguing characters,
hot sex that burns the fingertips,
and deep emotion are all woven together...
I can't wait for another adventurous trip
to the world Ms. Wilde has created."
- Romance Reviews Today


In the year 2203, Geneticist Eve Longtree is afraid of only one thing—
being mated by a werewolf and having her life dictated by an alpha male.
Then Adam Greyclan showed up at her door—in his wolf form!


Adam has been searching for his mate for years.
As pack leader, his most important responsibility is
managing volatile human/were relations.
But his human mate has just been catapulted
to the top of the One Racer’s Hit List.
This fanatic human purist group will stop at nothing
to destroy Eve’s work, and take her life.


Can Adam convince Eve that being his mate
is not a fate worse than death?
More importantly—can he keep her alive?


Publisher’s Note: Adam & Eve was originally released
in 2005 as part of a multi-author anthology.
This stand alone edition has been edited.

This is a complete novella with

This book contains mature situations and adult language.
It is intended for readers 21+!


©Ravyn Wilde, except where otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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